Outdoor Blinds vs ZipTrack

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Happy TGIF to all of you! Recently, we have launched a promotion for Outdoor Blinds and have received an influx of DMs, enquiring about the price and should homeowners opt for Outdoor Blinds vs ZipTrack.


Well there isn’t much difference between the both of them as they are both motorized with remote control, one vast difference is the amount of shield they offer against rain.


As we all know, ZipTrack is at the top of the list when it comes to protecting your balconies, service yards, etc, as it’s tiny holes in the blinds are small enough to block rain, and small enough to allow air ventilation without closing your balcony door if your air conditioner is running.


Without further ado, let’s explore the differences between the both of them in a summarized point form 🙂

Pointer 1: Which offers more rain protection?

Ziptrack. Ziptrack is able to block out 95-99% of the rain whereas Outdoor blinds is only able to block out 85% of the rain.

Pointer 2: Does ZipTrack/ Outdoor Blinds “flap” if there’s strong wind?

Both doesn’t! For Ziptrack, it has a structure to completely hold down the entire ZipBlind. 

Whereas for Outdoor blinds that has Wind-guard mechanism, it prevents the blinds from “flapping”, however do note there will be a “wavy” form if there’s really a strong wind.

Pointer 3: Which should I choose for my service yard?

This depends on individual homeowners actually. For some, they’re not really concerned with the rain, so they’ll opt for outdoor blinds. But for homeowners who requests for ZipTrack to be done in their service yard, the reason behind is actually their service yard is often affected by rain. 

Also, outdoor blinds are less costlier compared to ZipTrack.

Pointer 4: Which should I choose for my balcony?

Big or small, there will be rain. We normally wouldn’t suggest our customers to install Outdoor Blinds at their balcony. Many asked why…

Balcony for most, being full height, stands a lot of chance for rain to come in (especially strong rains), with ZipTrack, your balcony is basically fully “framed-up”, leaving no gaps for the rain to come in. And, the material used for the ZipBlind is actually meant for outdoor usage – meaning no rain, no insects, etc.

However, with outdoor blinds, the sides are actually uncovered. So when there’s wind accompanied by rain, your outdoor blinds will form a “wavy” shape, hence allowing the rain to come make a stop at your balcony flooring.


Now that we have summarized the differences between Outdoor Blinds and ZipTrack, we hope this has been informative and helpful for your blinds journey!

Not to forget, we’re currently having a 20% off for all Outdoor Blinds. Book your free site survey with us and redeem this promotion from now till 30th September 🙂 


Outdoor Blinds vs ZipTrack

Happy TGIF to all of you! Recently, we have launched a promotion for Outdoor Blinds and have received an influx of DMs, enquiring about the

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Outdoor Blinds vs ZipTrack