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Meridian's Ziptrack at Luma @ 6 River Valley Grove

Below are a few commonly asked questions we get from the clients we meet. Read on to find out more.

With homeowners’ worries increasing, the demand and popularity for Ziptrack has been increasing along side as well. Given the reputation and the vast amount of informations on the internet, ZipTrack needs no introduction. Homes are leaning towards automation systems like motorised mechanisms and smart softwares enabled home automation like Google Home in today’s technology.

So… we get many questions from our enquirers about ZipTrack, it’s functions and why they should opt for it rather than traditional roller blinds. Hence we have decided to do a write-up regarding this topic, in hopes it would help enlighten homeowners in their blinds decision making journey!

Pointer 1: What is ZipTrack?

ZipTrack is the motorised version of traditional roller blinds. Instead of having to pull your blinds up and down manually, ZipTrack can be done with ease of control using remote, or even smart softwares like Google Home.

Pointer 2: Will ZipTrack “flap” like manual roller blinds when there is strong wind?

Nope! A structure will be there to hold your ZipTrack down, with a supporting weight panel below to hold it down, and panels by the side. 

Pointer 3: Is ZipTrack expensive?

Depends on individual, as all of us has different monetary concepts. 

Pointer 4: Is ZipTrack rain proof/ insects-proof?

Yes it is 🙂 Unlike traditional roller blinds that “flaps” when there is a stormy weather, ZipTrack blind itself has micro holes whereby rain can’t seep in, and because it doesn’t “flap”, rain can’t get into your home as well. As mentioned, with the “micro gaps” in place, there won’t be any insects that can crawl in. We know.. It’s awesome.

Pointer 5: Where can I install my ZipTrack at?

Anywhere. Seriously.. anywhere. Be it you have a HDB/ resale/ bto/ terrace… So long as you want it to be done, it can be done. We have clients who install their ziptrack in service yard and kitchen other than balconies too! 


Good luck to your endeavours, let’s grille away! 

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Commonly Asked Questions – ZipTrack