Outdoor Blinds vs ZipTrack

Happy TGIF to all of you! Recently, we have launched a promotion for Outdoor Blinds and have received an influx of DMs, enquiring about the price and should homeowners opt for Outdoor Blinds/ ZipTrack. Well there isn’t much difference between the both of them as they are both motorized with remote control, one vast difference […]

Commonly Asked Questions – ZipTrack

With homeowners’ worries increasing, the demand and popularity for Ziptrack has been increasing along side as well. Given the reputation and the vast amount of informations on the internet, ZipTrack needs no introduction. Homes are leaning towards automation systems like motorised mechanisms and smart softwares enabled home automation like Google Home in today’s technology. So… […]

An Introduction to Invisible Grilles

Meridian’s Invisible Grille at Onan Road Our introduction to Invisible Grilles. Invisible Grilles has been in the market for several years now, with the initial concept of replacing traditional window grilles found in most HDBs, as they are quite bulky and is really a sight hindrance. Here are a few pointers in summarised form put […]