An Introduction to Invisible Grilles

Meridian’s Invisible Grille at Onan Road

Our introduction to Invisible Grilles.

Invisible Grilles has been in the market for several years now, with the initial concept of replacing traditional window grilles found in most HDBs, as they are quite bulky and is really a sight hindrance.

Here are a few pointers in summarised form put together by us, share the knowledge around!
Invisible Grilles are fully customisable to individual’s concerns/ needs.

316 Stainless Steel – Which means….. No rust! For all of you who resides near seawaters/ lakes should know the frustration of watching most of your steel/ metal furnitures turn rusty. We feel you.

Low Maintenance, Fuss-Free – Because it is just wires, homeowners do not necessarily have to clean them often because they are not in fabric material. Clean your curtains instead!

Height and Width – Customisable to the height and the width of your intended area, you can choose to get it done removable or fixed. Though here at Meridian, we would recommend it to be done removable if your concern is only kids/ elderly/ pets. Unless, you are really fond of them.

Gap Intervals – With a selection ranging from 2 inches – 4 inches intervals between each of the grilles, homeowners can alter it as they wish. 2 inches are more applicable to home owners with pets whereas for >2 inches, they are suited more for elderly/ kids.

Go Framed, or Frameless – As the title suggests, this simply implies that whether your window is sliding/ casement/ bi-fold, invisible grilles can be installed respectively. For “Framed” option, this means that an additional framed invisible grilles will be added on to your window (like traditional window grilles).

Horizontal? Vertical? – Let the title speak for itself.

A Better, Unobstructed View – Invisible Grilles are made of extremely thin wires, which you can barely notice when you stand from afar, offering an unobstructed view. Despite being thin, Invisible Grilles cannot be cut by scissors, so fret not for your playful kids, just keep the wire cutters away!

A Solution for Houses With Open Space Roof – Condominiums, maisonettes, landed…. Some of them comes without a full length window structure, with an open-roof. Invisible Grilles can be added on to existing window area too!

Now that we have come to an end of this not-very-bite-sized introduction to Invisible Grilles, we hope this clears your doubt on whether you should have Invisible Grilles installed or not 🙂

Good luck to your endeavours, let’s grille away! 

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