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As most of the apartments are high-rise, having a balcony can be a headache before the invention of invisible grille to enclosed it with safety features for your family. Besides the safety aspect of daily living, nowadays it would be even better to have invisible grille installed for a more sophisticated and aesthetically beauty for your home besides the safety factor.

The Invisible Grille is does not block wind or block the view (especially if you are staying in high-rise buildings). Apart from that, invisible grille doesn’t affect the overall façade as it visually seamless from afar.

Meridian’s Invisible Grille is made of 316 high tension marine grade stainless steel cable covered with an nylon-coating, it is able to withstand up to a weight of 200lbs.

Besides very frequently installed on windows and balcony, our Invisible Grille also can be installed as staircase railing, swimming pool safety railing, fencing as well for landscaping purposes.

Our Invisible Grille serves multi-purpose solutions bringing safety and interior design to a new level.