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Welcome To Meridian Invisible Grille

Thank you for taking your precious time to browse our website. Meridian invisible grille always positions itself as a market leader to create products that are unique and long lasting.

Meridian invisible grille is of good quality and lowest price in the market. We offer price guarantee if you find any invisible grille price lower than Meridian within 7 days.

We are proud to produce our very own invisible window grill in Singapore, which is created after 2 years of product research and development by our company with top quality as our priority.

The invisible grille is developed based on the lifestyle and safety to suit Singaporean wants and needs. It is a new form of safety grille that provides the safety for your family and yet it doesn’t affect the external facade unlike conventional grille.

At Meridian invisible grill Singapore, we build products that are safe, secure and offer protection for the whole family. We also believe our products are created by Love and should be a blessing for all its users.

Meridian’s Invisible Grille material is made of 316 high tension marine grade stainless steel cable covered with an nylon-coating, it is able to withstand up to a weight of 200lbs.

Dear Meridian Invisible Grille, thanks for  making my home nicer. Responsible that’s all I can say.

I have been working with Meridian Invisible Grille for a few years. I engage him for our projects as he is reliable and responsible.